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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

BB Cream? BB, please.

L'oreal's Youth Code BB Cream in Medium

You've probably already seen or heard a lot about the BB Cream trend in the beauty industry lately.  Trend is the operative word and marketing is the game.  You'll hear a lot of buzz about people saying BB Creams bought in the Asian market are totally different than what is bought in the American market.  I'm sure they are.  The point is that I'll never buy a BB Cream from Asia (just because I'm cheap, hello, shipping?!?) and I'll most likely never buy another BB Cream from America.


1.)  The bodacious claims.  Things that are magical and transforming will happen when you apply so and so's BB Cream.  Please.  That's BS, we are talking cosmetics here, not face lifts in a tube.

3.)  BB Cream?  I know it stands for Beauty Balm but what a stupid name for a cosmetic item.  It conjures up images of a little boy from the 1940's with his BB Gun aimed at your face only instead of little pellets when he shoots you, you get BB Cream.  Gross.  Anyone else?  No?  Okay, I know I'm odd.

3.)  This is a glorified tinted moisturizer.  That is all.  Nothing magical or transforming will happen.  It MAY work for you!  If so, that's great!  Keep using it!  For me it doesn't do the trick, especially not for the price I paid.

So I bought L'oreal's BB Cream with excitement because that's what a beauty junkie does.  NEW BEAUTY PRODUCT!  Stop the presses.  I'm getting it.  So I did.

The color I bought was medium which works for me this summer, as I'm getting a lot of sun these days with two kiddos.  Yes, I wear spf30 but I still get dark.

The stuff has a light, nice smell.  Kind of like the Loreal sublime bronze creams but way toned down.  But there is definitely a smell.  The application feels great!  It goes on like buttah.  LIKE.BUTTAH.  It's really moisturizing and if you have oily skin this is might be a problem.  I have combo skin leaning more on the oily side in the summer and this stuff, well, I definitely have a shiny face but that could definitely be the weather and not the products fault.  At any rate, if you do buy this and try it out, set with powder before going out if you'd like it to last longer than 2 hrs.  I did, it didn't.  After two hours I looked like I did when I wake up which is:  fine lines starting to appear, dark under eye circles, uneven skin tone and sun spots.  In other words, not finished or how I chose to appear when I placed this product on my face.

I don't want to write a scathing review and I'm getting kind of wordy here so here's the point.  I bought this product to try it out.  I wasn't impressed after using it exclusively for a full month.  I'm not really sure what I was expecting because I've never been a fan of tinted moisturizers.  I prefer more coverage.  For $12.99 on sale ($16.99 regular price) at Walgreen's I'm a little wary to suggest this products to friends, but, if you do like tinted moisturizers and tend to have dry skin, this may just work for you.

As for now, I'll just be using my BB Cream on my legs like my friend Jamie ended up doing with her Garnier BB Cream.