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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Switching it up

I'm trying something new that my Mom suggested.  Writing exercises.  This is the first one.

Write a brief scene including the words 'chance', 'urban', and 'entertain'.

I watched her. I caught a glimpse of her walking in my favorite cliché bar that I frequent. You know, the type of bar that's acceptable when you are a lucky bachelor of 35 with no visible baggage. The type of men other men pretend not to hate. Men are not yet wise enough to not be green. I am very intuitive they say.

I watched her. I saw her. I observed that slight beauty. I wrote up my own silly little screen play in my head while I sipped my vodka tonic. Boring, yet clean, just like the drink. Just like me.

Her life was once simply fabulous. I can tell by the figure she still carries and the carefully applied makeup on her spotless face. She's shopping at Anne Taylor and wearing, quite possibly, an exact replica of a plastic models outfit. Boring, boring, boring. Of course I'm still intrigued. My mind goes on. My brows go up, brows go down. I am vain enough to think that she's watching too. I'm wrong. She's not.

Her life has turned into this urban chic nightmare when she goes out if you're wise enough to pay attetion. Tragic, if you will. She's probably a divorcee, 3 kids, mini mansion, slight substance abuse problem, my mind goes on and on and on.

There is a tremendous beauty there, a flower ready to bloom the second time around, which means she will most definitely not give me a chance. However, my brain does dare to entertain the mere thought of rescuing this tragic woman and turning her life around. I have the means to do it, you know. I want this woman. I will have her. I want her forever. That woman is me.   

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