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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Henry - on your third birthday.

Oh, Henry.

You are three today.  THREE!!  I still remember the terrifying day I gave birth to you like it was yesterday.  Yes, you read that right.  I was terrified as it was an emergency cesarean and that was NOT your fault.  The way you came into the world is not the point.  You are here now and you are the light in my eyes.

I wrote something funny the other day I thought I'd share.  Seem appropriate here.  "My whole life all I ever wanted to be was a Mother.  I never played with Barbie Dolls, in fact, I disliked them (ask Nana).  I preferred to play house and take care of my baby dolls.  Now, I am the mother and all I want to be is the Barbie Doll with the convertible and perfect life".  That is all in jest of course.  But it was an accurate portrayal of the days you have when you are a Mom.  Sometimes the world is too heavy on your shoulder and you wish for something different.  The thing is, when you have children, you are always snapped back to reality with a giggle or a precious voice saying, "Momma?  Mommmmmm-AHHH".  You remember.  You really are "Momma".  That person in the other room loves your unconditionally and depends on you.  For that reason, I aspire to be a better person, to take care of myself, make wise choices and choose friends carefully.

Having a child is so amazing.  You get to connect with them in a way that you'd never believe.  You'll see sides of yourself, both good and bad, from your childhood and now adulthood.

The great thing?  We are all learning.  I am still learning to be a parent just as your are learning to be a three year old.  We will make mistakes and there will be tears, although, I remain optimistic that there will be no injuries.

So let's talk more about you, Henry, in bullet form:

  • Some of your new interests are drawing and painting.  I try to encourage that as much as possible even if it means giving you 3 baths a day.  Artistic talent run on my side of the family
  • Music is another thing you enjoy.  I hope to teach you more songs this year.
  • Running.  You are an excellent runner!
  • You are cautious.  You will never hear me say anything like "He's afraid of everything!".  No.  You are cautious.  When you are good and ready to try something, like climbing tall rocks or sticking your head underwater, you will do it.  I will never force you to do anything you are wary of.  
  • Speaking of forcing; you can't force a kid to potty train. So we're not.  As much as we would like it to be sooner than later, we will not push it on you until you are ready.   All we can do is give you the tools and explain and talk and that's what we're doing.  
  • Your little sister looks up to you so much.  She squeals when she sees you and knows you are "Bubba".  
  • I love that you love to play with your Legos!  
  • Trains are still a big part of your life
  • As are cars
  • I love how much you love me to read to you and how you will "read" and study the book all by yourself sometimes.  
This year will be a very exciting year for you as you grow more and more into the little boy that you are already coming.  You'll start preschool within the year, you'll learn to use the potty, spend a whole weekend with Nana, fly to NC at some point to visit our family there, we'll discover new talents, play new games and find new things we like!  

I love you, SO MUCH, my Pickle.  

Happy 3rd birthday, little man!

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