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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just a blurb

Winter makes my (now, yay!) very manageable chronic depression so much more hard to, well, manage. The things that help me out so much become difficult because of the weather like exercising and being outside. Those two simple things are a lifesaver to me and my children.

I've been fighting very hard for the past two weeks not to succumb to those feeling but I'm kind of losing the battle which is why my blog has been sort of silent for a while. Plus, the older I get and the more I figure out about life the more guilty I feel about complaining. It could be soo much more worse and indeed, I'm very lucky to have the life I live.

It seems like everything outside blends in to each other. The grey sky, concrete, houses, cars...blah, bland and yes, boring. This is why I loved living in North Carolina. Even in the dead of winter you still had beautiful pine trees so high up in the sky and you knew something out there was alive and thriving. Here everything is dead, yellow and grey this time of year. Dreary.

Next week my family from NC arrives and I'm so excited to share the holidays with them. My brother in law and his wife will be staying with us and I LOVE having their company so much. Also, the husband will be off work for a few days and that will be great. So good things are coming and that is keeping me going this week.

Also, even better news is that my mother in law that I previously wrote about is cancer free for the time being! She found this out earlier this week and we are all so very happy about that. What a nice Christmas present for her and the family. Keep her in your prayers that her scans will continue to come back cancer free. Speaking of, now is a good time to educate yourself about ovarian cancer. It's a "silent" type of cancer but any knowledge is good knowledge.

PS - I wanted to add links regarding ovarian cancer but blogger is not cooperating right now. I will add them later when, hopefully, it is.

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  1. I think we time our depression together. I have been feeling like this for a while now. I think having the cat is the only comforting thing to me.