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Friday, December 2, 2011

Quinoa and Chia Seeds

I'm trying to improve my eating habits an embrace a new way of eating.

It's hard. It's made me a little cranky.

I'm eating things I never thought to eat before such as quinoa and chia seeds.

Wait, chia seeds?!? Like cha-cha-cha chia? Those kind of seeds?

Those would be the ones. Well, to be technical I don't eat them but I mix them in my morning orange juice and then later on in the day, in water. Sounds pretty gross and I was very, very apprehensive. However, when you mix them with water they turn kind of jelly like (again, gross, I know) and less seed like. They go down fairly easy especially if you know how to open up your throat when drinking (thanks college drinking parties!!).

Why on earth am I doing this? Well, I've put on 20lbs after giving birth to Lucy. I hate carrying around the extra weight. It makes me feel gross. I just want to drop a couple of sizes so I can be a size 18 again which is a comfortable size for me. I'm a big girl after all. Anyway, the chia seeds are full of fiber, omega 3 acids and antioxidants. For me they are acting as an appetite suppressant which is always my problem. I AM PRETTY MUCH HUNGRY ALL THE TIME.

I am also eating a lot of quinoa which is actually delicious. If you like brown rice then this is a great substitute. It is a complete protein source, full of fiber and it's very satisfying. Today I had quinoa with a tablespoon of salsa and a sprinkle of cheese mixed in and it was super yummy.

I am refraining from pretty much all processed foods, eating tons of raw veggies and fruit and chugging water non-stop. I'm peeing all the time, yeeeeehawwww.

Next week I plan on starting walking in the morning. I've got to gather some work out clothing to wear thought because it is brrr cold in the morning. If that doesn't work out for me we'll start going to the gym again. I didn't want to do the gym just because the kids have to be in the nursery where they'll pick up all those nasty winter germs but I think I just need to get over that part.

I owe all of this nutritional inspiration from my husband who's turned into a nutrition buff over the past year and he's finally inspired me to get on board.

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