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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chicken Curry Creation

I'm letting you know right now:

I am not a cook. Nor am I good. Therefore I am not a good cook. However, I find that I am more successful at my culinary adventures when I follow the recipe. It's when I start adding this and that and more and less that my clear lack of talent in the kitchen comes shining through.

Sometimes, however, I cannot resist and sometimes my innovations are edible (and enjoyable!), such as this one.

I've been obsessed with Indian food and culture ever since gaining a sister in law that is Indian (dot, not feather). When I first ate Indian food I remember feeling cheated as in, "I cannot believe I've been missing out on eating Indian food my whole life". I LOVE INDIAN FOOD. And since our budget does not allow for much eating out I'm left to make my own. I'm not even going to pretend I know what I am doing or that my dish is in any way authentic, by the way. But I do know it was delicious and it curbed my craving for chicken curry AND chicken tikka masala. Now, if I could only learn how to make naan.

This is the recipe and my additions are in bold.
1 TBSP Olive Oil
8 Small Red Potatoes, halved
1 Cup Baby Carrots
1 Small White Onion
1 TBSP Curry Powder
1 (6 ounce) container Greek Yogurt
1 Cup Whipping Cream
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Ground Black Pepper
1/2 tsp cumin
2 Cups Chopped Cooked Chicken - I used 6 bone in chicken thighs
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can tomato paste
1/2 cup water
2 (8.5 ounce) pouches ready to serve Basmati Rice Uncle Ben's - used brown rice
Garnish 1/4 cup Cilantro Leaves didn't use this, cilantro tastes like crayons to me

1. In a large skillet, heat oil over medium heat. Add potatoes, carrots and onion. Cook stirring occasionally for 8-10 minutes. Add Curry powder to vegetable mixture and cook, stirring constantly, for 1 minute.

2. Reduce heat to low. Stir in yogurt and cream stirring occasionally for 3 minutes. Stir in salt, pepper and chicken. Heat rice accoding to package directions for 2 pouches. Serve over rice and garnish with cilantro leaves if desired.

Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Sept-Oct 2010

I had to make this in a crock pot. Or slow cooker, what have you. Wait, is there even a difference? Anyhoo. I marinated the chicken thighs over night in olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and a sprinkle of curry. Then I loaded the chicken, potatoes, onions and carrots and poured the cream, tomatoes and spices together and cooked on high for 3 hours. At that point I pulled my chicken out and de-boned it, added it back in and cooked on low for another 2 hours. About 30 minutes before we were ready to eat I added the greek yogurt. Serve over rice!

And if that is too complicated the original Sandra Lee recipe is AWESOME, I've made it her way but the first time I made it I accidently added HONEY Greek Yogurt and nearly hurled. That was my own fault. It's a good recipe. Seriously.

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  1. wow this is a very new twist to my version of curry but an interesting one! I like how chefs experiment with their interpretation of a cultural cuisine.
    And laughing thinking about the Greek yogurt thing hehe!