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Friday, November 11, 2011

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

I recently bought a couple little products that are working for me. The first one is Neutragena's Healthy Skin Foundation. The second one is Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind Concealer. The latter is the item I am reviewing but felt the foundation was worth a mention also.

The color of concealer I am using is called Brightener and now I realize that I bought not concealer but a corrector and brightener but that's okay, I'm still really impressed with it. You'll see.

Listen. Dark under eye circles are a real serious thing when you're sleep deprived and have allergies and sinus issues. I've tried, and will most likely continue to try, a lot of products and the majority of them FAIL. So when this one worked I was very excited. I had been using Benefit's Erase Paste but my skin is so dry right now it's not working for me anymore. Plus it's $26 a container.

I bought this product after watching TiffanyD review it on her youtube channel. I've linked it if you want to watch the whole review because she's much better at explaining and going in to depth regarding the products. Plus she's really cute and if you like beauty blogs you'll love her blog.

What I do is I prep my skin first with moisturizer and under eye moisturizer and put my Healthy Skin foundation on. I don't skimp on my foundation either. I make sure to get my eyes and under eye area. After I get that all blended in I use the Age Rewind concealer under my eyes. I dab it on with the foam sponge thingie attached to the product (which I love by the way) and then blend out with my finger tips. The consistency is pretty thin but not drying and has really good pigmentation! I'm even more impressed with this product knowing that I didn't even buy a concealer color, I accidentally bought the stuff that would go on top of your concealer to brighten up the area. I think I'll go buy an actual color this weekend.

This was a major cosmetic score for me. I paid, like, $8 at CVS for it and you know they always have buy one get one half off.

And here are my before and after pictures. I am wearing only two products, foundation and concealer.

Death warmed up (before)


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