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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Family Life

I'd like to introduce my children. I got two of em'.

Henry - aka Hank the Tank (although he's more like Hank the stringbean these days, so skinny!), Henny, or Pickle. He's 2 years old and a real sweetie and an excellent big brother. Very active, funny and a joy to be around most of the time. I mean, he's two so he's a little turd sometimes. He's definitely a Daddy's boy and I really cant remember a time that he was not but he still loves me a little bit. ;) He likes robots, cars, trains, running, the park, cake, Pirates Booty (snack puffs) and apples. Oh yea, and cheese. Henry cracks me up and I am loving having a toddler.

Lucy - aka Lulu or Toosie. She's 4 months old (dob 7.11.11). I literally fall in love with her more and more every day. She's so sweet and smiley and I love her gummy little grins and quack like giggles. She's doing all her baby stuff, rolling over, drooling, sitting in the bumbo, starting to sleep through the night on a consistent basis and giving lots and lots of good snuggles. I love having a little girl because she's like my little baby-doll I get to dress up and show her off. One day she'll object to that and I will stop it but for now, she's my little lady.

I'd say that being a parent the second time around is WAY easier and more enjoyable. With your first kid you are freaked out by every little sneeze or cough, rash or cry. With your second you are more relaxed and confident and I think the baby realizes that and they are more relaxed. That's all my opinion of course.

My parenting style is called SURVIVAL. Whatever works the best and makes the most sense is what we do. I do keep my kids on a schedule but I don't call it a schedule. I call it a routine and I'm pretty good at keeping it, give or take an hour or two. We take field trips at least 2xweek and we play outside or take a walk every day. I try and think like a kid and remember what was fun, exciting or scary when I was that age. I'm not a strictly no-TV kind of Mom but I do limit it. We listen to a lot of music and read and chase each other around the house.

My husband is amazing and very much a hands on Dad and I love that about him so much! He's my rock and definitely the more introverted out of the two of us.

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