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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Colors, the colors!

I feel kind of guilty about posting this just because the amount of money I've spent on this but I am going to anyway.

I have a nail polish obsession. It's something I have collected and used for forever. One of my friends said, "It's like owning a piece of the rainbow. How COULD you resist?". With that sort of reasoning, I'm presenting you my nail polish collection with the brands and names listed below, left to right.

Abbreviations used: SH=Sally Hansen W&W=Wet N' Wild, SC= Sinful Colors

an * (asterisk) means it's a favorite and ** means I have a note about the product. See after photos to read.

Top Coats:

Orly Won't Chip, INM Out the Door, **Seche Vite, SH Strengthening Top Coat

Seche Vite - I LOVED this product. It dries your nails fast and makes them nail salon shiny. For me, it has two downfalls. 1.) When it chips it will basically peel your whole nail polish coating off your nail. Which is actually kind of fun, but not when you've worked hard at a manicure. 2.) The bottle of product starts getting really thick, goopy and unusable (IMO). They do make a product that you can drop in there, like a paint thinner, but I don't feel like I should have to spend another $7 to fix a problem with the $7 top coat I purchased. Sadly, it does not work for me anymore and I will not be repurchasing.


SC I Miss You, SC Pinky Glitter, *NYC Starry Silver Glitter , Essense Space Queen, *Pure Ice Spit Fire, **Milani Gems

Milani Gems - it's a cool polish but to get a good amount of glitter on your nail you're going to have to do the "dip and dab" tequnique to get it on and then you have a big gob of polish.

Not otherwise classified:

Shown above: all Revlon limited edition glitter duos.
Galactic, Supernova, *Orbit, **Satellite

Favorite: Orbit. Lovely ultra dark purple that makes the lavender flakies a star.

Notes: Satellite is a nice combo - BUT - it reminds me so much of Christmas. It's a maroon with gold flakies which is lovely, but not for summer. I'll keep it around until winter to see if I feel differently in the winter months.

Two things that all 4 of these polish duos have in common are 1.) the base coat KICKS ASS. So much ass it kicks that I wish Revlon would reintroduce all the bases into their normal polish line. Nice brush, no streaking and they're pretty much usable with one coat. Two would (always) be best, but you could totally get away with one. 2.) The glitter/flakies dry out super fast. As impressed as I am by shiny things (glitter!!) I expected more.


SH Lively Lilac, SC Lavender, Essie (name rubbed off)

WOW. Those are PINK!

SC Dream On, SH Xtreme Wear Bubble Gum Pink, SH Instant-Dri Speedy Sunburst,
SH Xtreme Wear Twisted Pink

Muted Pinks:

W&W Undercover, SC Starfish, Revlon Flirt, SH Smooth Perfect Satin

All of the above are OPI:

It's All Greek to Me, That's Berry Daring, *Cha-Ching Cherry, Pinkticularily Pretty, Flash Bulb Fushia


OPI Suzi and and Lifeguard, SH Nailgrowth Miracle Mighty Mauve, *L'oreal Mauvelous, Essence Modern Romance, Essence Sweet as Candy


Revlon Frankly Scarlet, L'oreal Rendevous

Black and Dark Silver:

SH Magnetic Silver Elements, L'oreal Owls Night, OPI Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous

And folks, that's all she wrote.

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  1. Wow ! I really enjoyed this post Andrea. Also laughed out loud at the sentence ".. in fact so much ass it kicks.." haha!